IMG_6337I’m a student at the University of Washington working towards degrees in Journalism and Political Science with a minor in Law, Societies, and Justice.

I’m a reporter and news editor for The Daily at the University of Washington, UW’s student-run newspaper, where I have also held the positions of copy editor and Copy Chief.  I have served as the Director of Communications for the Young Democrats at the University of Washington and worked as a deputy field organizer for a successful congressional campaign.

I write about anything that inspires me, which includes politics, women’s health and reproductive rights, civil liberties, and issues of justice. Some of my work is more personal than others: my experiences with chronic pain, anxiety, and sexism. Other work is strongly rooted in statistics, research, and interviews. My writing appears in The Daily in the News, Opinion, Arts and Leisure, Wellness, and Science sections. I have done some freelance work for publications such as The Seattle Globalist.

I spend my life writing, reading, editing, and researching. To reach me: molly [at] quinton [dot] net