About Me


I am a Seattle based journalist who is passionate about all aspects of the journalism industry, from reporting to community engagement to digital strategy. I am interested in finding new ways to tell stories and engage readers while hopefully creating a more vibrant local journalism landscape in the process. 

I graduated from the University of Washington in June 2018 with dual degrees in journalism and political science, and have experience working in both fields. Working as a reporter and editor at the school paper, as well as holding other news internships and doing freelance work, I have built a strong foundation of skills necessary to be an effective communicator and reporter. I have also spent time working in politics, both on a congressional campaign and in the state office of a U.S. Senator. I am tenacious and gritty and find joy in doing the work needed to keep moving ahead. 

Currently I work as a digital content producer for KIRO 7, the local CBS affiliate.