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Democracy Vouchers Aim to Diversify Seattle Politics

July 6, 2017 – Seattle Globalist “Democracy voucher advocates aim to diversify Seattle politics” Seattle’s political campaigns could see a shakeup, as the city launches its democracy voucher program giving four $25 vouchers to adult residents to give to people running for citywide offices. Supporters hope the program boosts the diversity of people involved in politics either by getting behind a candidate or by running for office themselves. The program doesn’t change the qualification of who can run for office or who can vote. But with every adult Seattle resident… Read more Democracy Vouchers Aim to Diversify Seattle Politics

Students React to Controversial Student Election

May 10, 2017 – The UW Daily “Special election resolution fails in the ASUW Senate” At last night’s ASUW Student Senate meeting, contentious debate occurred regarding this year’s ASUW Board elections. A resolution was introduced which would have, in its final form, recalled the May 8-10 election results and held a special election before the end of the school year. The resolution eventually failed after extensive discussion. The bill, named the Resolution in Support of Recalling the ASUW General Election (R-23-41), was originally aimed at election reform. Student senator Vineeth… Read more Students React to Controversial Student Election

Gaslighting in Trump’s America

March 1, 2017 – The UW Daily “Gaslighting in Trump’s America” In a night of uncomfortable truths and stirring rhetoric, a political scientist, communication professor, and clinical psychologist came together and attempted to unravel a new phenomenon in American politics: gaslighting. Town Hall Seattle hosted an event Monday night titled “Gaslighting in Government,” aiming to understand the phenomenon of political gaslighting and its role in public perception of government. To gaslight, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is to drive someone insane by making them doubt their perceptions or memories. The term has made… Read more Gaslighting in Trump’s America